MIST WORLD came to us in need of a new site with a refreshed design / layout and robust backend development to accommodate their vast amount of content. The former site was outdated, difficult to navigate and repetitive. The main objectives for the new site were determining the hierarchy of content, creating a professional, yet engaging design aesthetic, and incorporating strategic messaging to effectively convey MIST WORLD’s mission and connect with the community they serve.

We worked with their team to develop a responsive website to enlight about their large number of products and services and connect with their varying audiences, including engaged professional / potential Investors, clients seeking assistance and current staff. One of the most important components of the site development was the strategic organization and presentation of the many service areas and products. Previously, services shared the same page under common section headings; now each service is given its own page while preserving the existing hierarchies and inter-program relationships. Additionally, the site features 

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