Nzuri travel agency required a range of services from the Kweli Designs team. These consisted of design and creation of their website in order to give them a better presence online, and a logo that accurately represented the company, yet was distinct from all of their competitors.

Kweli Designs, as always, delivered on our claims and helped Nzuri travel agency to stand out in the online domain. This, coupled with their quality service and wide service offering, has made Nzuri travel agency a successful business in the real world.

The unique corporate identity that we designed for them aids them in capturing a new audience, while maintaining excellent relationships with their current clients.

Corporate identity is underestimated in its effects only by those who do not have one that is powerful. At its most basic form, it can be seen as a collection of visual elements that promote the best aspects of the business. However, like much in this life, it is more than the sum of its parts. A well-constructed corporate identity that is maintained across all platforms of a business is so much more – when people remember a brand, they are more likely to go to that business for a product or a service, and so, a well-defined identity can bring in revenue for a business for years and years. Furthermore, the more consistent an identity is, the more likely it is to stick in the minds of potential clients, and so, when choosing a company to create your corporate identity, choose one that is a part of the marketing process from the start, and that understands the business as much as you do – choose Kweli Designs.

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