The founders of Ryan Herbal Holistic came to Kweli Designs when they were having an idea to establish a Hijama, Cupping and Herbal Remedies online clinic. They needed to begin communicating their idea to a wider audience. We created a fresh brand that avoided the cliches of the sustainable business movements while communicating a progressive business model.

Kweli Designs worked with the entrepreneurial founders of Ryan Herbal Holistic to hone their focus and market position. Business papers include letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. Professional Package designing for all the their herbal remedies.

Ryan Herbal Holistic's website functions to attract new clients, keep the public abreast of their many herbal remedies, and cupping therapies and to also offer ground to promote their services and products.

The website includes a custom content management system which allows  Ryan Herbal Holistic the flexibility required of a start-up venture. The ability to post about events, news coverage, and partnerships is critical for their business model.

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